Beginner SCUBA Classes

Beginner SCUBA Classes



1. A personal orientation is the first step to getting the Open Water Diver Program started.   Buckeye’s staff will discuss class logistics and scheduling.  You will begin the necessary paperwork and watch a short introductory video.

All aspects of the course are discussed and plenty of time to answer all your diving related questions.

2. The classes are just $350. This consists of the 12 -16 hours of classroom and in-water training, use of scuba equipment, educational material, including manual, study guide, DVD, processing fees and certification card, additional divers are $324 (can share a DVD).

3. All new students are required to own their own mask, snorkel, boots and fins. We have created a special introductory package at a student price of $230. This also includes a mesh bag and bottle of mask defog. This is the CORE equipment a diver needs.

4. It is not required, but be we strongly encourage our students to purchase a wetsuit. Body heat is lost 25 times quicker in the water than air. We offer a 3mm wetsuit for purchase. Regular price is $169.99, student price only $119.99, that is a $50 savings for new students only!  We want you to be warm and warmth equates to having fun and enjoying diving.



Every student must complete (4) Open Water Certification Dives to become a scuba diver. The dive industry mandates this  be completed over a two-day period.  Day one consists of (1) snorkel dive, (2) scuba dives, day two (2) more scuba dives to finalize the program.

We complete Open Water Certification dives locally every other weekend during the summer at Whitestar Quarry. We begin the first training weekend in early June and end the first weekend in November.

$219.00 is balance to complete our local Open Water Certification. This includes all equipment necessary except the mask, snorkel, boots, fins and gloves ($30). There are some additional fees to enter the quarry ($15 per day per diver, non-divers are free)and to purchase air fills while at the quarry($8 per air fill, 2 needed).

Open water referrals are another option to complete the Open Water Certification Dives. These can be done on a trip with Buckeye or while traveling to another destination.   Fees are paid to the dive facility at that location; fees vary but are usually more expensive due to boat and fuel fees.

For more information about Whitestar, please feel free to visit them at



Don’t be fooled by two (8) hour classes. Speed is not your friend in learning to dive. Remember you only learn to dive once in your life, so do it right the first time.  Buckeye Diving School has been certifying the best divers since 1964. Buckeye has certified over 9,000 divers (closer to 10,000). Our program of teaching real world skills in a safe comfortable environment allows us to create a confident diver who will continue to dive for a lifetime.

Private and semi-private classes are options for those who have challenging schedules.

Not sure you are ready to take the plunge just yet? Maybe a TRY SCUBA class is the best first step. This is an opportunity to go scuba diving in a pool under the close eye of a dive professional. This allows you try it before you buy it! Check our website for times and locations. $50 per person includes  equipment and over 2 hours of instruction and water time.

Got a pool? Buckeye will come to your house and make diving as easy as slipping out your back door. Call for pricing and availability

Perfect gift for that someone special.

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