If I told you I could make diving easier, safer, increase your bottom time, give you better buoyancy control and make you enjoy diving more would you be more prone to reading this post?scubaproPackage

The answer is, I can and it’s really easy, so keep reading!  It revolves around consistency or doing the same thing again and again, just like playing golf, tennis or a musical instrument. The one thing every diver can do to become more consistent is to use the same diving equipment every time. Owning ones gear and using it again and again exponentially increases a divers comfort and safety. Using the same gear allows the diver time to achieve excellent buoyancy. When a level of comfort is reached breathing slows down, bottom times increase as less energy is spent fighting unfamiliar equipment.  This is why new divers should own their own equipment as soon as possible.

TusaScubaPackageI was in Cozumel and was exiting the water as a buddy team was heading out for a dive.  One of the divers was asking his buddy how he should attach his alternate air source (octopus). I kindly asked if I could make a suggestion which was eagerly accepted. Upon further assessment I noticed several other issues that needed attention and I made those adjustments quickly.  The buddy team was extremely thankful and later that night we talked over a drink.  The diver I had assisted was a seasoned diver with over 100 dives and quite an extensive travel resume from Curacao, Bahamas, Grand Turk, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Belize and several others.  I inquired if they owned their own dive gear and both said “NO”.  I was shocked!  I asked “why” and got the standard replies “oh it’s too expensive, it’s too bulky and traveling with it was a pain." I proceeded to tell them all my clothes, dive gear and gear bag only weigh 47 pounds.  Both were shocked and amazed it could be so light.  As our conversation proceeded I found out they both skied, owned their own skis and traveled with their skis.  Again I was blown away.  I brought to their attention dive gear does not cost extra to travel with domestically or to exotic locations.weightbelt

This whole interaction led me to write this article.  Dive equipment ownership should be mandatory for all those who want to be “divers”.  Almost every dive resort around the world uses the cheapest equipment possible in their rental programs.  Dive equipment is life support equipment; do you really want to rent life support equipment? Do you want to use the cheapest life support equipment made?  Let alone do you want to wear a weight belt or dive with gear that is literally road hard and put away wet every day?  Did you know most companies rental equipment is only repaired when it fails?    Maybe it’s time to look into owning your own dive gear and become a “diver” and not just someone who just goes “diving."

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