A Dive Sage's Advice,
"Is this scuba gear too old?" That is a question I am frequently asked and there is never one single perfect answer. The reality is that scuba gear does not last forever. Just like that leisure suit in your closet or those pair of Jelly Sandals from the 80's, they were fashionable then but not so much now.  Obviously its not about fashion but functionality.  Dive equipment has seriously evolved in the last 20 years.  I try to work with everyone and salvage what we can but sometimes it OK to retire that old tired piece of gear.
This January the trip to Bonaire showed me that sometimes you just need to upgrade or replace something that is too old. There were divers who used to travel with Buckeye regularly, but life happened and they've not been diving for about a decade. In advance of this trip, they pulled out their gear and low and behold, things weren't working like they used to. Here' the list of what had to be replaced:
  • light bulbs in flashlight
  • missing gasket on the BCD
  • power inflator
  • computer failure
  • Non-weight integrated BCD's
  • Bulky Gear

It is essential to get into the water prior to a trip.  I don't mean the week before you leave either.  If you are spending good money on a vacation you need to spend a little time a few months in advance to try your old gear out and see if all systems are solid.

Buckeye's pool parties the 3rd Wednesday of each month from December to May are excellent, inexpensive ways to check out that gear and keep those skills fresh. 


 When it is time to replace a piece of gear it usually only means one or two and not replacing the entire SCUBA system.   

 If you have gear that needs to be replaced, call Buckeye and schedule an evaluation with Scuba Steve.  This is the perfect way to make your next holiday the BEST it can by not having pesky equipment malfunctions and most importantly being safe and comfortable in the water. 

Steve Bowles is the owner of Buckeye Diving School in Cleveland, Ohio since 2000.

SSI Instructor Certifier 5426

Scuba Steve has been instructing since 1996 and has certified nearly 2,000 students. Founded in 1964 Buckeye Diving School is the Place where "The Best Divers are Made".  Focused on that motto,  Steve continues to share is experiences and wealth of knowledge with with all divers via posts on Buckeye Scuba.